American Chemical Society

Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute

Practice Exam Development

The on-line practice exam under development is designed to provide more information than simply "how am I doing on this material?" After each chemistry item, you are asked to rate how much mental effort it took you to accomplish that last question. You rate this on a 5-point scale from not much at all to a large amount of effort.

The extra information then is summarized when the practice exam is complete. You learn not only what fraction of the items in each topic you get correct, but also a rating of how you rank the effort you needed to answer questions in that topic. With a final exam looming, many students find this extra information helps them organize where to invest their study time.

The Exams Institute has implemented this practice exam method in a paper-and-pencil environment in a few schools as a trial. Now we're working on building the capacity to deliver it on-line. We hope to have news soon about how you can obtain access to this study tool for ACS Exams.