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New Member Specials

If you have just joined the Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED), you may purchase materials from the Exams Institute at a lower cost. This offer is valid for the first 3 months of your initial membership in the division. This offer is designed to help welcome you to the division and introduce you to one key product of the efforts of division members. Price details are below.

For an application to join the division, click here.

Professional Copies ($5-10 savings)

Order single, professional copies of any exam to look at and see how you can use it in your own course. When you order bulk exams (10 or more) of one you have reviewed, you receive a $5 credit on the order.

Study Guides (General Chemistry $7, Organic Chemistry $12)

Study guides have been produced for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Purchase one of these books to see how it can help your students prepare for ACS DivCHED Exams in these courses.

Exam Orders (see chart)

Exam pricing reflects lower unit costs for larger orders. As a new member of Div CHED, any exam order you make will be at the maximum volume discount. Prices for exams are in the chart below.

Special Exam Prices

To see an explanation of the codes used in this chart, click here to get to the materials page.

High School Exams ($1.80)

College Placement/First Year College Chemistry Exams ($2.00)

Upper Level College Chemistry Courses ($2.45)