American Chemical Society

Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute

New Exams in Development

The Exams Institute is constantly producing updated exams as well as completely new exams. Our current exam committees include:

Exam Name Chair (co-Chairs) Projected Release
2012 Physical Chemistry Alex Grushow – Rider University Fall 2012, Spring 2012
2013 General Chemistry William Donovan – Akron Spring 2013
2013 2nd Term General Chemistry Jennifer Sorensen – Seattle Spring 2013
2013 High School Chemistry Mark Dibben – Air Force Academy Prep Spring 2013
2012 Gen Chem Lab Assessment Jimmy Reeves – UNC–Wilmington, Deborah Exton – Oregon Fall 2012
2013 Biochemistry Christy Miller – Adams State, Fall 2013
2013 Diagnostic of Undergraduate Chemistry Knowledge (DUCK) Miles Koppang – South Dakota, Fall 2013
2013 Analytical Chemistry Doug Beussman – St. Olaf, Spring 2013
2013 General Organic Biochemistry Jeannie Collins – Southern Indiana, Spring 2013

Of these exams, the totally new product is the General Chemistry Lab Exam. This exam arose out of discussions at a symposium at the ACS National Meeting in Boston in Fall 2007. Some study was done through workshops and surveys to determine that enough people agree on what can be assessed in the Gen Chem Lab that we decided to put together an exam. This exam will always be an electronically delivered one that features embedded videos/animations which would not be possible for a paper and pencil exam. This exam is trial testing in the Spring 2012 semester and we are keenly interested in more participants. Please contact us at if you may be interested in helping develop this exciting new product.