American Chemical Society

Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute

New Exams in Development

The Exams Institute is constantly producing updated exams as well as completely new exams. Our current exam committees include:

Exam Name Chair (co-Chairs) Projected Release
2014 Physical Chemistry Alex Grushow – Rider University Fall 2013, Spring, Fall 2014
2015 Inorganic Chemistry Barbara Reisner – James Madison Spring 2015
2015 General Chemistry Laura Eisen – George Washington Spring 2015
2014 2nd Term General Chemistry Jennifer Sorensen – Seattle Fall 2014
2015 General Chemistry Conceptual Jamie Schneider, co-chair – UW-River Falls
Tom Greenbowe, co-chair – Iowa State Fall 2015
2016 High School Chemistry Lauri McDonald – Highland Park High School Spring 2016
2016 High School Conceptual Laura Slocum – Heathwood Hall Episcopal School Spring 2016

There are always opportunities to participate in trial testing for exams in development. If you think you may be interested in helping us develop ACS Exams as a trial tester, please drop us a line.