American Chemical Society

Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute

Laboratory Assessment

The Exams Institute is actively developing new tools for a laboratory assessment program. The first course for which we have empanelled a committee is General Chemistry. This new exam will be delivered via our new electronic delivery platform only, and is being designed with two components. First, there are laboratory-based items. Because we are using electronic delivery we are building the capacity to use features such as embedded video in these items. Second, there will be a practical exam series, with scoring rubrics that will allow for national norming of student performance. Instructors who submit scores from their students will have to grade calibration practical exams to allow for control of rater reliability. Stay tuned on the Exams News page for more as this exam develops.

The Institute also has some remaining stock of an assessment booklet for small-scale laboratory exercises in General Chemistry. This is not a norm-referenced exam product, but rather a three-ring binder with assessment activities that was developed in 1994 by Bob Silberman from SUNY-Cortland. While this product is not being actively revised, remaining stock is available to those who are interested.


Three sample tasks are included here to give you an idea of how they are expected to be used in assessment.