National Norms

You have reached an out-of-date web site. Please go to to reach the new ACS Exams site.

  • The ACS Exams Institute has moved to UW-Milwaukee under the leadership of Prof. Kristen Murphy. This site will remain active for a short time, but it will not be updated and data entry in forms, such as norm reporting or volunteer sign up may not be captured. Thank you for your understanding and your interest in ACS Exams.

The data included here are abbreviated norms, presenting only percentile rank as a function of raw score and overall test statistics. Complete norms are computed, printed, and subsequently shipped with orders for examinations as soon as sufficient data is received at the Examinations Institute. If you have purchased copies of an examination for which you have not received norms, please contact the Examinations Institute at

If a newer exam is not listed here, it either has only recently been normed, or lacks sufficient data return to calculate a norm. You can obtain feedback on how your students are doing for such exams in the "Score Reporting" section, where you can enter your scores and have them instantly compared with student performances we have received thus far. For older examinations that are not included in the list, please contact the Examinations Institute.