About Us

The ACS Exams Institute is unique among academic disciplines. It produces nationally normed exams for most chemistry courses, ranging from high school through the entire undergraduate chemistry curriculum in the United States. Many graduate programs use ACS Exams to measure the content knowledge of students starting graduate school.

All ACS Exams are created by committees of educators who teach the course for which an exam is intended. No governance body of the American Chemical Society dictates content coverage of any exam. In this sense, while the exams produced by the Institute can rightfully be called stanadardized exams, they are the result of volunteer, grass-roots efforts from teachers "in the trenches". Few, if any standardized tests in the US are derived from such a format.

The Institute has two business staff members who carry out the bulk of the tasks required for order processing and shipping of all ACS Exams products. Julie Adams is the Office Manager who oversees the entire busines operation of the Institute and Marc Harris is the Shipping Manager, who works extensively with order fullfillment and customer service.


The Operations of the Examinations Institute are overseen by the Board of Trustees - a committee of the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society.

How to Become Involved

The value of assessment materials to the chemical education community is a direct result of volunteer efforts of hundreds of high school and college chemistry educators from throughout the United States. The programs of the Examinations Institute provide an excellent way to become involved in national programs of the Division of Chemical Education, and we always welcome volunteers. The best way to begin is to offer your service on a test committee in your area of specialization. Send an email message to chmexams@iastate.edu with your name, complete address (including phone, FAX, and email), and a short paragraph describing your professional background and teaching situation.