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The ACS Exams Institute produces norm-referenced exams for use in chemistry courses in high school and college. Norms are based on voluntary return of student performances and we are always ready to welcome scores from users. We just published norms for (1) 2013 DUCK; (2) 2013 General Chemistry and (3) 2012 Biochemistry (both Core and Full Exam). More norms will be getting calculated over the next few weeks. You can check out our score reporting system, or which exams still need data under the Exam Statistics section of the web site.

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New Member Specials

If you have just joined the Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED), you may purchase materials from the Exams Institute at a lower cost. This offer is valid for the first 3 months of your initial membership in the division. This offer is designed to help welcome you to the division and introduce you to one key product of the efforts of division members. Price details are below.

For an application to join the division, click here.

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